Terms & Conditions

You the Renter, must agree to the terms and conditions of this document. Paul Sheard Autos Ltd is hereafter referred to as “we” or “us”

Our Responsibilities

Paul Sheard Autos ltd shall provide a safe vehicle solely for the purpose of public track days, Club Motorsport or Rallying that complies with the required safety specifications.

We shall be responsible for transporting said vehicle to and from the racetrack.

We will do our best to present a car at race start that is track worthy and is in as good a condition as possible.

We also endeavour to have available as many spare parts for repair as is feasible

Your Responsibilities

You the driver are responsible for returning the car in the same condition that it arrived, less normal trace wear.

Damages to the car from any on-track or rally stage incidents are solely the responsibility of you the driver.

There are NO “no fault accidents”.

You the driver, must always be aware of your surroundings. Do not place the car in a situation which could result in a collision or damage.

Additionally, mechanical issues may arise during the course of any session. You, the driver, are responsible to use your best discretion during these situations. Please pit in, or park on the stage or short loop as required in rallying, for inspection, if such an incident should occur.

History has shown that most of our on-track failures have been the result of either collision or lack of mechanical empathy.

We understand that during the course of being on track, incidents such as over-revs and locked brakes happen. The car is equipped with a data logging system and multiple cameras which will be reviewed in detail. Driver errors and on track incidences such as contact, over-revs, and locked brakes will be noted and discussed with you. Please be honest and we will manage the incident fairly and reasonably.

Damage Fees

Regular maintenance and items with a known service life are included in your rental cost. Any damage caused by you will be charged to you at Paul Sheard Autos standard workshop rates the car back to the standard in which you started your rental.

Lost Track Time Compensation

We Paul Sheard Autos, cannot be held responsible for the actions of YOU or others on track. In the event the car is no longer able to continue due to a collision, on track incident, or failure it is the sole responsibility of the renter. We will try our hardest to get you back out for any remaining sessions, but we are not responsible for reimbursing drivers for any lost track time.

In the event the car is unable to continue due to unforeseen mechanical issues we may issue a partial refund for the track time you lost. This will not be a total reimbursement as most of the rental fee is already spent on fixed expenses.

Driver Gear and Equipment

You are responsible for your own safety gear and any required inspection of said items, including but not limited to a racing suit, helmet, HANS device, gloves and shoes that comply with the rules. You are also responsible for being a member in good standing with any sanctioning body that WE race with, as required.

The car is equipped with adjustable seating and belts, every effort will be made to ensure your comfort within the available adjustments. However, based on your height and weight optimal seating may not be achievable.

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