Paul Sheard Motorsport is pleased to be competing numerous rallies across the UK throughout 2023.

Once again we will have Arrive and Drive packages available. You can see our selection of available rally cars here.

The arrive and drive packages include car hire, transportation and maintenance for an individual round – season packages are also available.

Package includes good condition used tyres, or new as requested approx £150 each.

Insurance is £350 with an excess of £1,000. Alternatively you can provide a bond of £3,000 in advance to cover any damage you cause to the car.

The driver is responsible for entering the rally, and providing their own helmet, HANS, balaclava and race suit. It is also your responsibility to ensure you have the correct licence and car club membership.

Co-drivers can be provided as part of the arrive and drive package.

Please contact us anytime should you wish to book.

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